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22 May

sooo overwhelmingly irritated… sick with the irritation, and perhaps it’s unwarranted. yesterday, the boyfriend tells me that he has tomorrow (today) off so he’ll come by after work, which presumably means after he gets off of work, he’d come over (as to spend the night)…. no. he meant, once i get off of work tomorrow (today) then he’d come over. -an honest mistake made over text message, i fucking guess, and i shouldn’t be mad because i’ve made several mistakes of the same kind. but, we’ve been fighting a lot lately, so it doesn’t inspire confidence in me if i feel like i’m being stood up -especially if i’m waiting up all night, and i make several unanswered phone calls.-he called and left a message this morning, i couldn’t answer because i knew that i would say something harsh or unfair; and warranted or unwarranted, i don’t want to say anything that’ll later regret, so, yeah, first world problems at it’s max.