self-involved…an about me.

so an about me… i enjoy the simple things in life. a surplus of low price, well intact goods; music that i can dance, sing, think, wander, sit, write, draw and hum to; movies that are funny, scary, romantic or eccentric; and books that are plum loaded with humor, drama, character, information and charm. -i am a writer (fiction, non-fiction and poetry at times), i have a large family, three tattoos, four piercing, lots of wit and an interest in art. i’m a feminist and damn proud. Though I’m by no means radical, i think that being a feminist means to fight through barriers and limitations, while promoting women as a frontier and challenging stereotypes placed in the path of women. i love people, places and things, essentially nouns, and i love to travel. i enjoy those who are special to me, and they all know who they are (<3 ). i like to read but haven’t been doing too much of that lately. i enjoy people watching, italian and chinese food, and french fries. i love onions, garlic and milk. i also enjoy singing in and outside of the shower; starting stories that have no ending or a middle really, and i like to hum loudly.


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