5 May

I forgot the password to this account, and I’ve be devoutly updating my tumblr because of this fact. and, it feels sort of fucked up to abandon this old blog, after all, I wrote in compulsively for years, and it certainly deserves my attention -so i suppose i’ll have to be active on both. no prob.


the twenty-fourth.

24 Jun

the thoughts keep repeating, like history. the same instances keep peeping in, and while i welcome the confusion, and i find the tense feeling charming, it makes me feel wild and loose. i swell with lack of control. if i could, i would bolt myself down, pin myself against the ground with something large and solid. i would move away from the sky, impressing on concrete until it splintered me into pieces, until it separated me into the elements, and i enroll into the earth. sometimes, i wish i could return from the self inflicted tragedy…. the practiced songs, and just lend myself back to my mother, so she could make the decision, either to give me life or to give me to god.

Thursday’s Departure

25 Mar

The sun has not returned since you left, and I remain uneasy. I visit the last moment that we kissed: a hushed goodbye enveloped by a breaking embrace. Every word that I wanted to say, turned into words that I wouldn’t -because, if you asked any of my friends, they would tell you that I know how to keep a secret. I stepped quickly and lightly, heel – toe, toward the exit with my nails digging into the soles of my palm, extinguishing any need to cry. I sung myself to numbness as I boarded the train, and was dragged the long distance back to my bedroom. Then there is time to reflect, moments to reminist. Then, I regret every missed kiss and each time I didn’t touch you the way that I really, really wanted.


14 Feb
I’ve been looking for this song for years. I’m utterly in love with it. It’s so damn good.

this is why i don’t drink alone

12 Jan

This is why I don’t drink alone.

The real. The pain. The violent.
The utter remorse, and I pour like liquid against the bathroom floor.
And I sooothe like mercy.
Violent and vivid like blood on my pillow.

This is why I don’t drink alone.

I stab and I prune and I hate so deeply like fire against the core.

I am real but I die.
I die.
I die.
I die.
I fucking unfold.

And this is why I don’t drink alone.

I am crimson hands to the mold.

I build undry,
ground to the sky.

then the lights down low.

and I unknow what life is to be told.

Best by Transit: Pink Line (to be featured in Liberette Magazine

15 Dec


Best by Transit: Pink Line

Never quite passing driver’s education in high school, I never acquired my driver’s license. While it’s a secret shame, the passenger-side travel gives me time to take in my surroundings as I advance toward my destination –while doing that I’ve spotted quite a few hotspots. Finding my way about the city using the help of trains, buses, or making my rounds by foot also helps me find places to spend my time.

The Chicago ‘L’ has acted as my personal chariot, chauffeuring me from place to place. The Pink Line is especially gifted at taking me to interesting places about the city. The Pink Line, which runs between 54th/Cermak Station in Cicero, Illinois and the Loop in downtown, offers a variety of restaurants, markets, and attractions. There are twenty-two stations, and of those, I will cover a few choice hotspots located near eight of those stops. I’ve excluded stops within the Loop because there are so many vibrant places to be explored within it, that The Loop beckons a hotspot list of its very own.


54th/Cermak(2151 S. 54th Avenue)

United Grill  2145 South Laramie Avenue, Cicero, IL 60804-2352

The low-cost grub hub is the ideal place for late night drunken gatherings or the mid-day consumption of bacon and eggs. Frequent goers of United Grill hold it in high regard because of its nonsense, greasy diner mentality.


Pulaski (2021 S. Pulaski Road)

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria  3859 West Ogden Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623Some of the best Chicago-style deep dish pizza around, come to Lou Malnati’s to experience a triumphant cohesion of fresh ingredients.


California(2010 S. California Avenue)

Chan’s Garden‎  2825 West Cermak Road, Chicago, IL 60623

Urbanspoon, Yelp and Menupages reviewers alike have given this Chinese food mecca stunning ratings. This is impart due to their high quality food, great value and overall attention to service.


Pete’s Fresh Market2526 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60608

Located in a neighborhood of well-stocked grocery stores (Aldi, El Guero, Midwest Food, Cermak Produce, etc.), Pete’s still manages to stand out. They offer stellar deals on fresh produce and poultry. Also, they are equipped with capable and attentive employees.


Los Corrales2881 West Cermak Road, Chicago, IL 60623-3513

The family owned restaurant offers authentic, mouth-watering Mexican cuisine at pocket-friendly prices. Also, the guacamole is far beyond amazing.


Damen(2010 S. Damen Avenue)

Abuelo’s‎–  2007 South Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60608-2624

El Fua, the restaurant’s new name, is a small Mexican dive which offers everything from flavorful tortilla soup to the Mexican-style classics like burritos, tortas and fajitas.

18th(1710 W. 18th Street)

National Museum of Mexican Art1852 West 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60608-2706

The NMMA has promoted the culture and art of Mexican citizens globally for the past twenty-five years, hosting exhibits of well-known artists, sharing Mexican film series, and gathering communities for film festivals.

Fogata Village Restaurant1820 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60608

The vegan-friendly breakfast/brunch Mexican/Italian restaurant has mouth-watering dishes. Not only does this delicious eatery welcome sit-downs, it also offers delivery.

Taqueria Los Comales1544 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608-2824

Located in Little Village since the 70’s, Los Comales features its specialties: the “Al Pastor” taco, el platillo de cecina, and their homemade salsa.

Nuevo Leon Restaurant1515 West 18th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60608

Though the line to this delicious restaurant lingers into the streets, the family owned establishment offers homely service and savory and quality food.


Polk (1713 W. Polk Street)

Pompei1531 West Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60607-4015

This establishment offers gourmet hand rolled pizzas, hand cut pasta and signature pizza strudel.


De Pasada1517 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607

The lengua tacos and tamarind jarritos are only some of De Pasada’s  main attractions. The restaurant is also BYOB and it offers delivery.


Golden Thai Inc1509 W Taylor St # 1, Chicago, IL 60607-4050

University Village/Little Italy’s premier Thai eatery is best known for its value and quality. While some argue it isn’t the best Thai in the area, the food as well as the staff is ambitious.


Conte Di Savoia1438 West Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60607-4623

The Italian gourmet cheese, meat and bread shop also offers delicious sandwiches, potato salad and salad. They also have Gelato for $1.

Clinton (540 W. Lake Street)

New Line Tavern201 North Clinton Street, Chicago, IL 60661-1227

Located in the West Loop, New Line offers a full menu of tasty entrees, appetizers and bar bites. They also have wine, beer and mixed drink galore.


Trattoria Isabella217 North Jefferson Street, Chicago, IL 60661-1318

The warm, romantic setting stages as the perfect location for a great evening out with friends or a charming evening between beaus. The filet mignon, chicken, veal chop and seafood entrees are well executed here.


N9NE Steakhouse 440 West Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60606

This upscale steakhouse is stocked with amazing seafood and sizzling steak. While the doors only stay open for a few limited hours during lunch and dinner, there are no others like the N9NE.

Chicago French Market131 North Clinton Street, Chicago, IL 60606

The Chicago French Market is a gathering of vendors, who sell cheese, baked things, coffee, meats, produce, pasta and prepared meals. They are open from Monday-Friday (7:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.) and Saturday (8:30a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)


Other notables along the Pink Line: Union Park, United Center (Ashland stop), Morton College (54th Cermak),  Cook County Jail, Little Village, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Douglas Park (California), Ogilvie Transportation Center Chicago Transit Authority (Clinton)




from the darkness, comes an update.

1 Dec

While I am looking forward to deciding what I’m going to do with my future…I’m overwhelmed…so absolutely overwhelmed. I’m trying to get more things done, but of course, the more that I take on, the more that I forget. My lack of focus is hurting me. But, I can take solace in the fact that I am attempting to spread my wings. Also, I finally got a twitter account a few weeks ago, which I would personally describe as “masturbating to an image that you don’t completely understand, but somehow it’s rousing”. Perhaps because I haven’t found an audience yet, it seems much lonelier than facebook, which isn’t very attractive -but there has to be something to it because everyone is connected. In terms of other things I’m doing well. Emotions: I give myself a B+, Health: I would give myself a C.