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papa didn’t preach (though he’s an ordained minister)

23 Feb

to my very own surprise, i had a really wonderful phone conversation with my father just a bit ago, and really…it touched me dearly. from previous blogs, my father is a renown dumb dog and has been an enemy of this blog since it’s conception, but for the first time EVER, great words will be spoken about him here.

my father called me after receiving the birthday card that i made and sent him. he told me how fantastic it was, and then segued into this avenue of forgiveness. he apologized for previous treatment, and he told me how wonderful i was as a writer, daughter and individual. of course he talked about god for a while (but let’s be honest, it isn’t a conversation with my father if god isn’t it), but it was all very emotionally stirring.

really, i’m happy to have him as a father. and at least for now, i’m confident in that can retool the relationship that we have now, and turn  into something more practical and more mutually beneficial.

my favorite thing that he said (which also brought me to tears): “sometimes, i wonder if anybody in this world loves me, and when i got your card… i knew that at least one person does.”


Pineapple, FOUND

9 Feb

Through a heroic feat, mostly on Carri’s part, we found the pineapple and was able to secure it. Unfortunately, we found the subject too late. When we arrived at the scene, at the rear of the refrigerator, we found that the pineapple was in critical condition with bruising to the foliage and the appearance lateral damage. The pineapple could not be rectified, it will be missed.

The General and I

9 Feb

I just created a convoluted, yet modest dish called, The General’s (T)so-(T)so Sesame Chicken. I only ate a bit of it, and it’s only fairly decent… or rather, it’s so-so. I think that it has a few too many ingredients…which just  made the dish a bit… tight.

quote of the day

7 Feb

Yesterday: “we dented the oven door handle” -jackie, carri’s aunt
Today: “that african man is staring at me” -“he probably wants to be your boyfriend” -“he’s probably my cousin” -“ugh” -exchange between carri and i.

**and my absolute favorite: “girl, you have a nice set of teeth on you, you must be on your way back from the dentist” – a man shoveling the snow, while on my way back home from the gym.


also, an idiom a day keeps boredom away: 🙂