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19 Feb
Emma Peel

Emma Peel is my hero. Long live the chop/kick combo.




8 Feb

I’ve been searching for this movie for years. YEARS. I saw it once when I was a kid, and I’ve been trying to figure out the name of the movie for a terribly long time. All of a sudden, it dawned me. James Belushi, who’s name I didn’t know, was on that show with the spokesperson for Atkins (who’s name I still remember). So a few google searches and a trip to IMDB, and there it was, Retroactive. -A movie about time travel, the middle of nowhere and James Belushi as a killer.

So if you’re interested, watch it online for free:

Foreign Fantastica

7 Feb

Introducing… the best foreign films that I’ve ever seen (Only some, but there are many more and I will post when I remember)


Battle of Algiers


City of God


Run Lola Run

Dhoom 2

Jackie Chan’s Who Am I

Operation Condor

The Legend

Vampire Effect

The Eye 2

The Orphange

Ong-Bak: The Warrior    

I’m Not Scared (Italian: Io non ho paura)


the business of vengance.

7 Feb

i’ve only seen part of Lady Vengance, BUT Oldboy…that movie is awesome. I could try to explain how terribly brilliant it is, but I don’t think that I could do it without giving away striking and dynamic plot points and twists. Of course, you would have to be interested in a certain type of movie to enjoy this movie, but if you do enjoy that certain type of movie…then you would love this one. Though to be honest, in parts, it’s super fucked up.