from the darkness, comes an update.

1 Dec

While I am looking forward to deciding what I’m going to do with my future…I’m overwhelmed…so absolutely overwhelmed. I’m trying to get more things done, but of course, the more that I take on, the more that I forget. My lack of focus is hurting me. But, I can take solace in the fact that I am attempting to spread my wings. Also, I finally got a twitter account a few weeks ago, which I would personally describe as “masturbating to an image that you don’t completely understand, but somehow it’s rousing”. Perhaps because I haven’t found an audience yet, it seems much lonelier than facebook, which isn’t very attractive -but there has to be something to it because everyone is connected. In terms of other things I’m doing well. Emotions: I give myself a B+, Health: I would give myself a C.


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