supermodel documentary hour (superstar reference)

23 Mar

in the midst of a little photo session (the kind that I ridicule others about), I was actually able to see a bit of my weight loss… which is funny because i’m one of of those people who can never see that they’re losing weight… and always assumes that their gaining weight. anyway, i will post das pictures. but also in the interest of full disclosure, I’m wearing one of those tummy toner things. because while I am slimming down, my stomach is still a pudgy little bitch. -also please ignore my expressions in some of those photos. i was attempting to feign fierceness.

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One Response to “supermodel documentary hour (superstar reference)”

  1. buttontap March 29, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    Wow. Why are you so damn fine? You look so damn good. And fantastic. I think you are gorgeous.

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