23 and stagnant

14 Mar

So yesterday I turned twenty-three (yay), and I had a terrific weekend. I went up to chicago to visit my necessary other, Natalie, for the weekend. The megabus arrived in Chicago on time -something fairly unprecedented in megabus history -and I walked to Natalie’s job, where I sat and was introduced to many people -including Danielle (a friendly girl with unfriendly wig). Friday evening went slow but well…we rented movies, bought boots and sat around simply enjoying one another’s company. Saturday started early. We got up, took the train downtown, grabbed a bite to eat from Panera, got manicures and pedicures (which I needed), did a little shopping, grabbed a cup of coffee and then checked into the hotel. Firstly, Beika surprised us, having champagne and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room. It was incredibly sweet. After lounging for a bit, we got dressed and then went to an amazing dinner. I ordered roasted chicken and natalie order ravioli, but we switched due to natalie’s new found lactose intolerance. It was delicious nonetheless and then we ended the meal with creme brulee. So good. Afterward, we went back to the hotel, took a quick nap and then were soon graced with the presence of Paul, Jacque, Myra and Jacque’s friend Lisa. (—–In the interest of not spending too much time talking about this or writing it…I’ll sum this up quicker.—–) We drank some then headed to Dave and Buster’s. There we played games and met up with Abby H, Myra L, Victoria, Vicky L, Lolis, Olga and one of the Leguna’s friends. We had plenty of awkward moments but played games. After that, we went to a bar named Leg Room and then another bar, where we finished the night dancing with foreign men. —Sunday morning, I was still drunk but cheerful…until I was at breakfast with Nene and Natalie and I nauseous. The ride home from downtown after breakfast, those brief moments of sitting in the car, having the burn down at us as we music moved through the car was probably the happiest that I’d been in years. I smiled for those twenty minutes…like a fool, moved by the recognizable image of dancing in the car as we flew down the highway. In all of it’s simplicity…it was what was most important. Those moments. -After that we went home and crashed until we ate cake and opened presents. We finished watching movies and then felt the hours fold away. I left this morning, early but not too early. We got up at seven and I ended up at the Amtrak around 9 this morning. I spent all day on the train, got on the metrolink and then came home. Now, I get to look forward to more hours of salad tossing and coffee brewing. It’s funny how quickly you start thinking about offing yourself after having a good weekend, the day after your birthday nonetheless.


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