28 Dec

while real christmas wasn’t nearly as charming as faux christmas, I was lucky enough to spend the holidays at home, no matter how lackluster or bland it may have been.

btw, i really need to stop hyping myself up. no matter how much time i spend away from home, it will always be the place that I spent years trying to get away from. if i remember that home is always exactly what it is, then i won’t be disappointed. it’s the rule of thumb: never let your hopes/expectations fly too high, because you will be ill-prepared when they are knocked down. this includes home visitations and vacations.

the day of christmas, we woke at a terribly early hour and began to cook. then sometime around noon, we unwrapped presents. my spoils were an allotment of sweaters, a bounty of books, earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, a digital camera and that’s all, i think.

-tomorrow, i’m heading back to st. louis but will be back north again on friday for new years. hopefully, without too much hope, it will be a lot of fun.



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