jumping off a roof

20 Dec

There is a movie called ‘Pheobe in Wonderland”, and in that movie, the little girl describes a feeling of perpetually wanting to jump off of roofs. She says, “Sometimes, I get this feeling…this feeling of wanting to jump off a roof.” Her friend asks her, “So you want to die.” and she says , “No, it’s what I feel like all the time…with the things I do. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. It’s like being on the edge of a roof all of the time.”And, my understanding of that statement is unbelievable. Sometimes I get a manic feeling…and it’s biting and it doesn’t want to go away. I get that wanting jump from something feeling. I suppose the difference is, I am able to capable of controlling myself… also, I don’t have tourettes… which has something to do with the control.


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