…humor, but the crude sort.

12 Dec

Knock, Knock…

So, a hammer walks into a bar. He sits on the stool, and says, “Bartender, give me a drink –I’ve had a hard day.”
Being that the bartender is a friendly guy, he says, “What’s getting you down?”
“Well,” the hammer began, “early this morning, I get a phone call from a friend who says he needs my help hammering a board, and he’ll pay me. Well I think, well I’m a hammer –so no problem. So I arrive to his house, and knock on the front door. He opens the door bare ass naked, and says ‘thank god you’re here’. He scoops me up, and runs me into his dark bedroom where I hear a chick giggling. Turns out I misheard, and he said he says he needs my help hammering a broad, and he uses me to have sex with this chick.”
The bartender nods and rubs at the counter with a towel. “Well that ain’t so bad is it?” the bartender mused with a tiny smile.
“Ain’t so bad?! My buddy turned me around, and used my feet to fuck her, pretending I wasn’t there –meanwhile, my face is near his ball sack, and head is knocking against his wood.”


One Response to “…humor, but the crude sort.”

  1. Natalie January 30, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    I still can’t believe that you wrote such a dirty joke yourself.

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