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28 Dec

while real christmas wasn’t nearly as charming as faux christmas, I was lucky enough to spend the holidays at home, no matter how lackluster or bland it may have been.

btw, i really need to stop hyping myself up. no matter how much time i spend away from home, it will always be the place that I spent years trying to get away from. if i remember that home is always exactly what it is, then i won’t be disappointed. it’s the rule of thumb: never let your hopes/expectations fly too high, because you will be ill-prepared when they are knocked down. this includes home visitations and vacations.

the day of christmas, we woke at a terribly early hour and began to cook. then sometime around noon, we unwrapped presents. my spoils were an allotment of sweaters, a bounty of books, earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, a digital camera and that’s all, i think.

-tomorrow, i’m heading back to st. louis but will be back north again on friday for new years. hopefully, without too much hope, it will be a lot of fun.



Faux-Christmas: Sushi We Made

23 Dec

Faux-Christmas + alcohol + sushi + the zoo’s  ‘Wild Lights’ exhibit = a melee of fun to be had. The sushi above is the result of the christmas present that I gave Carri for christmas, a sushi making kit. It has already given us joy. And for christmas, carri gave me a collection of Maya Angelou’s biographies and the picture frame below.

Christmas Present

21 Dec

jumping off a roof

20 Dec

There is a movie called ‘Pheobe in Wonderland”, and in that movie, the little girl describes a feeling of perpetually wanting to jump off of roofs. She says, “Sometimes, I get this feeling…this feeling of wanting to jump off a roof.” Her friend asks her, “So you want to die.” and she says , “No, it’s what I feel like all the time…with the things I do. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. It’s like being on the edge of a roof all of the time.”And, my understanding of that statement is unbelievable. Sometimes I get a manic feeling…and it’s biting and it doesn’t want to go away. I get that wanting jump from something feeling. I suppose the difference is, I am able to capable of controlling myself… also, I don’t have tourettes… which has something to do with the control.

ice, ice…baby

13 Dec

It’s freezing in my aparment. I hate myself for saying that i’d been looking forward to cold weather. This is just awful, and then i have to go to work in this. Damn snow, damn chilliness.

…humor, but the crude sort.

12 Dec

Knock, Knock…

So, a hammer walks into a bar. He sits on the stool, and says, “Bartender, give me a drink –I’ve had a hard day.”
Being that the bartender is a friendly guy, he says, “What’s getting you down?”
“Well,” the hammer began, “early this morning, I get a phone call from a friend who says he needs my help hammering a board, and he’ll pay me. Well I think, well I’m a hammer –so no problem. So I arrive to his house, and knock on the front door. He opens the door bare ass naked, and says ‘thank god you’re here’. He scoops me up, and runs me into his dark bedroom where I hear a chick giggling. Turns out I misheard, and he said he says he needs my help hammering a broad, and he uses me to have sex with this chick.”
The bartender nods and rubs at the counter with a towel. “Well that ain’t so bad is it?” the bartender mused with a tiny smile.
“Ain’t so bad?! My buddy turned me around, and used my feet to fuck her, pretending I wasn’t there –meanwhile, my face is near his ball sack, and head is knocking against his wood.”

pregnant biddie

7 Dec

The preggars biddie that works the shift prior to me kept telling to that i needed to clean the salad bar “more better”. Rather, she said it three times in two minutes. I dont think that i’m going to do anything “more better” because firstly, i dont feel like it and secondly, if she performed her own job “more better”, i would have time to do mine better.