wish list for christmas.

28 Nov

in case you are at your tail edge of insanity, trying to figure out what i want for christmas, here are a few things.

-“gorilla, my love” by toni cade bambara
-novels by zadie smith (not “changing my mind” -also natalie may have bought me one of those, so you -should consult her about that)
-books that are: british, present day, humorous, has action –all in one. possible?
-i need earrings for the small holes in my ear.
-i like to buy things from walmart and target

-the hangover —i really love that movie, and recently was an idiot and didn’t buy it. but i may by this myself. –also, bras are nice, as are seasons of television shows (dollhouse…and other shows i can’t currently remember).

also, you should comment, telling me what you might want. if you might want it.


One Response to “wish list for christmas.”

  1. Natalie January 30, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    Who puts a Christmas wishlist online. What a diva.

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