How to Make a Cool Mailbox (rejected things)

9 Nov
Make a mailbox that stands out 

Credit: Paul Edmondson/Photodisc/Getty Images

Take your mailbox from standard to superb by adding an artistic and cool mosaic without too much hassle. By simply using a few discarded CDs or DVDS, scissors, pencil and stencil, you can turn your mailbox into a mail-receptive masterpiece, adding designs such as music notes, trees, flowers  anything that interests you. The fairly low cost and highly beneficial process leaves you with a unique mailbox that your neighbors are guaranteed not to have.

Step 1

Cut CDs and DVDs into small pieces with scissors.

Step 2

Draw outline on mailbox freehand or using stencil.

Step 3

Secure cut pieces onto the mailbox using glue, staying within the lines of the penciling.

Step 4

Spray the mailbox with water repellent, making sure to cover each inch of the mosaic.

  • Moderate
Things You’ll Need
  • 1-5 CDs or DVDs
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stencil
  • Strong, waterproof adhesive
  • Spray-on water repellent
  • Consider spray paints for an additional cool mailbox scenario. CDs and DVDs can be purchased in various colors, also waterproof paints can be applied to discs after being cut up.
  • Be careful with strong adhesives, as they tends to get messy and sticky.
  • Safety goggles should be worn when discs are being broken.
  • Broken discs may have sharp edges, so be cautious.
  • unique mailboxes
  • mosaic design
  • cool mailbox

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