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freezing to cooler.

30 Nov

i’m freezing and i would prefer not to go in to work and have to stand in a cooler for six hours. my head is throbbing and i can’t find any aspirin. this sucks more than i can say, really it does. i feel really sickly, and i keep having this image of me walking to the salad bar area and then throwing up on everything or at least in the trash near the salad. this would put everyone off, and we would have to close the salad bar early for the day. how so very unfortunate.

—completely different point: i really don’t understand it, why people come to the salad bar on and around holidays. in my mind, you are already at home, slaving over the stove, how hard is it to make a salad? ridiculous. -if god (or someone else, for that matter) sent me a job that i could actually stand, my gratitude would be a thing of beauty. i’m talking… thanks and thumbs up, high fives, smiles and ‘big ups’, but i guess all of that is just too much to ask for, isn’t it?


also a test….

29 Nov

Bloggggging via email from phone.

Audio Post

29 Nov

wish list for christmas.

28 Nov

in case you are at your tail edge of insanity, trying to figure out what i want for christmas, here are a few things.

-“gorilla, my love” by toni cade bambara
-novels by zadie smith (not “changing my mind” -also natalie may have bought me one of those, so you -should consult her about that)
-books that are: british, present day, humorous, has action –all in one. possible?
-i need earrings for the small holes in my ear.
-i like to buy things from walmart and target

-the hangover —i really love that movie, and recently was an idiot and didn’t buy it. but i may by this myself. –also, bras are nice, as are seasons of television shows (dollhouse…and other shows i can’t currently remember).

also, you should comment, telling me what you might want. if you might want it.

blog make.over :D

26 Nov

it’s about time that it happened, so i made it happened. a little tank girl in the background, and bold lettering in the foreground. it’s awesome.


uh huh.

26 Nov

Things that have changed since the last time that I wrote a post:


1. I work at Dierbergs, a grocery store specific to St. Louis.

2. Not presently interning at Belas Artes.

3. Attempted to write a novel in November that was supposed to be 50,000 words. I only got half way. It’s called ‘Stateside Intermission’.

4. Applying to graduate school: Hunter College, Brooklyn College and Columbia College

5. Attempting to write a script, so that I can apply to a fellowship with NBC.


So I suppose that’s what’s been keeping me busy… change, though not in a large way.

How to Make a Cool Mailbox (rejected things)

9 Nov
Make a mailbox that stands out 

Credit: Paul Edmondson/Photodisc/Getty Images

Take your mailbox from standard to superb by adding an artistic and cool mosaic without too much hassle. By simply using a few discarded CDs or DVDS, scissors, pencil and stencil, you can turn your mailbox into a mail-receptive masterpiece, adding designs such as music notes, trees, flowers  anything that interests you. The fairly low cost and highly beneficial process leaves you with a unique mailbox that your neighbors are guaranteed not to have.

Step 1

Cut CDs and DVDs into small pieces with scissors.

Step 2

Draw outline on mailbox freehand or using stencil.

Step 3

Secure cut pieces onto the mailbox using glue, staying within the lines of the penciling.

Step 4

Spray the mailbox with water repellent, making sure to cover each inch of the mosaic.

  • Moderate
Things You’ll Need
  • 1-5 CDs or DVDs
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stencil
  • Strong, waterproof adhesive
  • Spray-on water repellent
  • Consider spray paints for an additional cool mailbox scenario. CDs and DVDs can be purchased in various colors, also waterproof paints can be applied to discs after being cut up.
  • Be careful with strong adhesives, as they tends to get messy and sticky.
  • Safety goggles should be worn when discs are being broken.
  • Broken discs may have sharp edges, so be cautious.
  • unique mailboxes
  • mosaic design
  • cool mailbox