Instruction: Breathing Better Horizon

1 Oct

Instruction: Breathing Better Horizon

Change scenes: Commit to this action by putting your right foot forward, and giving your Toyota/Volkswagen/Saturn/Buick-American-made-in-Japan car enough gas to help you master the map. Moving across the interstate you’ll find it, a different kind of air. In Arizona, it’s thinner and richer, in Tennessee it’s deeper and fuller –the oxygen you breathe fluctuates more that the bending borders of the states that you will travel.

Warnings for the Novice: If you are not used to road trips or extensive rides in a car, this writer implores you, please do not rush yourself. Don’t plan a country-wide expedition when you are used to twenty mile treks –that could end poorly. Take it slow. The wondrous thing about road travel is that it is entirely up to you. You are the key navigator, the operator with a purpose. Three hour road trips can count if you make them count. You simply have to accessorize with the correct junk food, mix cd, attitude and/or friend –and you’ll be golden.

Golden Rule: Make this experience about the experience. For the sake of the landscapes, cornstalks, deserts, plains, mountains and cloudy horizons, make this trip about the travel, not simply the destination.

*****to be published on the Examiner site, if they are legit.


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