19 Sep

so, i don’t nearly write on my blog enough, but i creep on the blogs of everyone that i know -everyone, even you (if you have a blog and i know the url). and my reason for not writing isn’t because i don’t have much to write about or that i’m ever at a loss of words, because even at my most boring and my most quiet, words rattle around. the fact is, my mind is just a terrible mess -an awful mess that won’t allow me to stay focused and do one thing at a time. i wish i could get a mental tune up -someone to get in there and cleanup shop… that way i wouldn’t feel like such a complete failure all the time. ugh.

Below is the drawing of how i feel within. rather than writing something, i thought it was to best to place a hand to my chest, think about how i feel and turn those feelings into an image. it”s actually a really helpful exercise -especially for those who aren’t quite sure how to finely word whatever is bothering them.


One Response to “procrastination&deeper_within”

  1. Natalie February 10, 2011 at 10:34 am #

    I like your drawing dish. I can easily relate to you topsy turvy status in life.

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