Barista/scrittore/volontario donna

17 Sep

so i had a working interview to be a barista today. considering that I can be a huge fuck up, it went really well. i almost gave away extra money, but the my “wtf” siren went off and i was able to snatch it back.

—Costumer service is key, I learned that today. Even if you get a person’s order wrong, you burn them with coffee or you accidently touch the top of their sandwich with coffee-grind-covered-fingers -everything is forgiven with a smile. And i was told that i had a beautiful smile twice today. caaa-ching. i hope i get the job, i feel so languid. ugh. i deserve this job. it isn’t too far from me, and i know that i can do it.

-in other news, i’m fairly done with my article for eleven, actually i’ve been done but i still need to have the interview with the band’s manager or their bass player or whatever, who is just way too busy for me. but whatever, i have the article finished and i like it -i would prefer not to rewrite it anyway. -and with volunteering for belas artes, that’s going well. i write, create flyers and i help in almost any capacity that she needs. i go in twice a week, armed with charming personality and i help her to knock out tasks.


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