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francis capra for president

6 Aug

Night Cap-ra

…of my heart.

my oh my, how the sexy have fallen. i can’t believe that francis capra, my future baby’s daddy, has gone from everywhere to nowhere in an instance. he went from playing weevil to playing no name cholos on shows like csi…so not a huge deviation but less camera time. how seriously and dangerously unfortunate. i wish good things. sugar-coated, good and charming things for those fluttering eye lashes and pouty lips. -i kinda want to become one of those creepy obsessed fans. …fighting…the…urge.


v. mars & l. echolls 4eva

6 Aug

i am currently involved in a melee of veronica mars episodes. -just finished the second season and I watched the first season a few days ago, sans a few episodes, and despite all the drama and headache i loveee veronica and logan together. duncan was super lame and leo was too cute to be put on the backburner. that one kid, who’s name i forget -the one sent to boarding school, was a complete boot licker. – if i were her i would have taken a turn at weevil (of course), but that’s just me. anyway, as far as the people that she actually dated, i liked logan. he was batshit… but he loved her so -and they shared kisses like they actually liked one another, which isn’t something that can be said about lame ass duncan. also, i adored when he said that their love was epic -it would span countries and decades. absolutely precious.

Devotion and ceramics….

3 Aug

it is before one in the morning and i’m already exhausted. i’m watching a movie with sandra bullock…not sure which movie but she doesn’t look too great in it. today has been a long, short day. slow to begin but quickly over, as things tend to go in this world. -anyway, i finished the ceramics site and created a facebook page for the site. Links ahead: and So yay. -Also, I did a little bit of editing, and i wrote another little bitty nonsense poem.

schoolyard devotion

I would follow you into back entrances,

into the trenches or down the slide at

old schoolyards where you used to hang

when it had gotten too hot indoors.

I would swing beside your swing, or

lean my body down against wood, so that you could

go up on the seesaw. See, when we we were young,

we saw everything from where we pendulumed by chains

that took us back and fourth on dark rubber.

even then, we knew the value of schoolyard devotion.