a realization of adulthood.

28 Jul

I still don't know that I'm an adult, and I suppose that the closest indication is that fact that I can travel places without permission. I know that my parents would prefer that I'd ask, but at the root of it…I know that I have control of where I go.

Another thing that tells me that I'm an adult is the way that I think about things. I have begun to examine things with a completely different set of eyes. I have started to determine what is really important in life based off of what I know and the experiences that I have had. Life is not about fretting about boys (or girls), reading trashy novels, buying things online or building bridges…it's simply about people and experiences. The people that you love and like…intimately. It's about the courage and brilliance, taking chances and breaking rules. It's all about bending the inevitable. I know that often I fall back to the juvenile way of thinking, but I gain comfort from knowing something that I consider to be real.

i don't think i'll be a real adult until i've earn something though… something of my very own. privately and happily.

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