another poem…because I’m apparently on a roll.

15 Jul

Sun and Universe by the Scoop

We shared the universe one scoop at a time and devoured it by the spoonful. You and I, we know this secret. We know how to taste things without using our mouths, but we use them anyway. We know that sometimes things will melt equally in your mouth and in your hand… when given enough attention. To say otherwise would be ridiculous. To say it again would be redundant.

We eat the sidewalks of cities like we have steel teeth barred with wool for the chewing. We take comfort in the travel and solace in the experience, and we so enjoy every minutes of the sightseeing that we don’t even notice when we are staring into the sun. That secret of ours resurfaces. And we are tempted to taste again, sink our teeth into the sun. We take the hot molting taste of hydrogen and helium to bed with us at night. It all makes for a radiant life.


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