anniversary (balloons and steamers may commence)

15 Jul

i actually missed the one year anniversary of my blog last month. it was june 7th. but yay anyway.

i’ve actually committed to doing something for a whole year, which is pretty big for me. not too big because i’ve done other things for more than a year. however as far writing goes, i’ve never been able to sucessfully keep a diary or journal -and if i had it would just be tons of writing about the boys that I liked and talking a lot of shit about my parents.

things have changed. i rarely write about boys, of course, and i only really talk shit about my father now. though…my mother has been rather insufferable lately. i think she’s doing the seperation dance. she knows that i intend to move soon, and her response is to keep hitting me for no reason, bothering me and shoving me. she really needs to grow up. and since i’m already talking about my parents, i may as well complain about how my father has bothered me without fault because i keep going places. he told me that i was “irresponsible” because apparently i don’t inform people when i go out of town. which isn’t true, i simply didn’t inform him because he gets an attitude so quickly. i honestly don’t see the point in me wasting that time or energy. i wish i could describe it all accurately, how much it bothers me to be around him. he isn’t a bad man, but he’s such an … asshole.

anyway, back to the written anniversary celebration. um, yay…a year. here is to another year, where i hopefully write more often. hazaa.


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