doctors, travel and the small stuff.

13 Jun

So yesterday, I went to the doctor to have myself checked out…which of course i never like to do, but is always to my benefit. anyway, i don’t have ringworm…but a different fungal infection. He didn’t tell me which one. Also, I have an unrelated yeast infection  -or perhaps is related because I think all of this is because of the day that I ran in the rain and fell asleep in soaking clothes on that disgusting ass couch in the ecohouse. Which is just… oh so great.

I had to get a vaginal exam, which i never got before (…I know) …and it was oh so painful. And so very awkward. The tall Arab man had to crouch down between my knees with the nurse beside him. I just felt embarrassed, honestly.

So tomorrow, I’m heading to New York. I am so excited… yet so scared. I really hope that I don’t get lost. It is my worst nightmare to lost in unfamiliar places.

I saw my nephew Jami about an hour ago and to my horror, he was nearly my height. I mean just a quarter of an inch shy of being my very same height. How alarming is that? He’s ten. My ten year old nephew is almost taller than me. That means that there is only 2/6 of my nieces and nephews that aren’t taller than me. This is fucking ridic. Blah to my short life. Then again being short is super great, and comes in handy when sleeping on small couches.


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