mortarboard & tankgirl….going to new york

8 Jun

Tank GirlSo in the last week: I graduated from college, got a super wonderful tankgirl tattoo and bought a round-trip train ticket to new york. It’s all madness, and right now I’m sitting on my bedroom floor after having gobbled down a bowl of cereal, but still hungry…maybe for something hot, but i’m not sure what. The freezer is filled with food, but it’s all closeted in a way that I can’t tell one thing from another. I don’t know what’s in the refrigorator, and I don’t ever want to stand and stare too long because my father will insist that I cook something for everyone. Afterall, I am a woman. Though, I suppose that he cooked yesterday, but based on what he cooked…he doesn’t deserve too many praises though.

Also, I got my grades…not surprising based on my performance this term.

Advanced Ceramics: A

Spanish: B-

Senior Portfolio: B+

Careful Writing: C+

So right now I’m sitting on my floor, sending emails to companies. I’m nearly begging for employment. Because after all, I am desperate for hire. I need a job, I can’t stand not having any money at all. It’s damn lousy.


One Response to “mortarboard & tankgirl….going to new york”

  1. Stef June 9, 2010 at 12:39 am #

    Your tattoo is awesome.

    And congrats on graduation!

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