dresses without the sun.

20 May

unlike yesterday, it is not sunny and super wonderful. it’s actually rather chilly and I am not a fan. also, the sky looks a tad angry. but i am wearing another dress :). because of course, as i was explaining to quite a few people, jeans really aren’t all that flattering and i usually look pretty bomb-ass in dresses. solution, wear jeans as little as possible. i’ll wear so many dresses and skirts that people will think that i’m hella religious. hmm. dunno.

on a personal level, i’m okay. i’m working through things in my own tiny little way, doing my writing at tiny bits at a time.

would it be wrong to state it, just as i feel it…i don’t care. i don’t care about schoolwork anymore. any of it. i need the reel of academia to run out of film. i feel done.


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