twitchy thigh.

5 Apr

i’m tired… exhausted, fairly sleepy and am lying in my bed even though i have a body-sum of homework to do. Some girl is moving in next door, and is a bit loud, but i suppose that’s okay. i’m not exactly quiet. something she will find out soon. -after finishing the l word, i am not sure who killed jenny. maybe it’s because i kept fast forwarding.  i’m not sure that it absolutely matters. though the show held my attention, i’m not sure how i liked it as a body. there was no progression in the show, everyone ended up exactly where they began…well except jenny..cause she’s dead, but aside from that, the same. -well there was some progression.

my thigh muscles are twitching. it’s kind of gross. full disclosure.

i feel upset and uncomfortable, and unsure about the future. it’s all very sickening. i kinda of feel like digging up a hole and crawling neatly into it.


One Response to “twitchy thigh.”

  1. dolphin face April 6, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    hmmmm why unsure?

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