1 Apr

sometimes i think the people that work at this school are such c**ts, in the most impolite meaning of the word. more specifically, the jenn woman that works in the campus life office. is it my fault that you don’t know how to secure your accounts so that others won’t get into it? is it students’ fault that a falsified email was sent out under your name? is it our fault that an adult woman and an a campus organization can’t convince the faculty that knox students can participate in a game in which children excel. i don’t think so.

-basically, i’m just going off on a rant, because i went into this asshole’s office because i got i’m email from her, which apparently a lot people got…and she was nasty and rude. to quote her exactly, “I don’t know who sent that… so, go.” well honey, i am not a car…don’t tell me to go and don’t dismiss me like i am a child. she was in a midst an apology for her wicked ways, when i simply spun around and walked out of her office -like the classy woman that i am. of course.  -perhaps in addition to sending out a blanket email, suggesting that people not come into your office, you could put up a sign saying that the account was hacked, as to deviate students because not all students check their email throughout the day. what a silly sack. i should be doing my work. i’ll do that.

okay 🙂


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