marathoning the l word….

1 Apr

so for the last few weeks i’ve been marathoning the l word, powering through the entire show. now, i am almost done. this is not something new to me, getting so caught up in something that i don’t even bother to sleep -just so i can achieve the goal of completion. if only i were this way with school work or writing. if only i weren’t so damn lazy. in general, i am rather fed up with myself, but i don’t know that i can change, not right now -because i don’t have the time to change. but when i do, when i make that time….i hope that my change is swift and dynamic. wonderful and un-fickle. babble babble.

-i don’t know who kills jenny’s character yet, but i’m not mad about it. i don’t usually endorse death dealing, however i find her to be a such a c***. in the worst way. i hate her more viciously that i’ve ever hated a fictional character in my life. this hate for her is so strong that it resonates within me, and bothers me even when I am sleeping.


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