22 Mar

everytime i come home my father loops me back into this cycle of creating websites or blogs for him as if i hadn’t done it time and time before. he also asking for help, assistance or guidance, or is in sudden need to ask me how to attach a document. he seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that i really don’t care. i don’t care to help him. i am just very much over this. this constant repetition, the fact that i’ve been creating websites for him since I was fourteen, just so he can abandon them to ask me to create more is exactly how i know that i must end this cycle. how will i end this cycle you may ask, well i will be glad to tell you. by only coming home when it is utterly necessary. my father has the nerve, dare i say, audacity to ask me if i want to work with him again this summer. calling it my program. it can not be my program, because it were in fact mine, i would give a damn about it. yet again, he’s being the dumb dog  that his flee ridden mind suggested he would be.

i must admit though he is being pleasant. but it’s always a toss up, sometimes he’s either a shifty and stuck up…or he’s pretending like he never learned how to read. i can at least respect the former, at least that can be rationalized. when he’s playing simple, it makes me feel bad to get upset with him, but i don’t like girls that are extremely ditzy and i absolute don’t like men that are in their mid-60s to be ditzy either. it is not very becoming. not at all.


One Response to “every-time…”

  1. Natalie April 13, 2010 at 12:27 am #

    This is hilarious. I knew that you would relapse into calling someone a dumbdog again.

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