dear john mayer,

12 Feb

your common asshole....

you’re a ignorant moron and an arrogant asshole, and you’re def NOT as attractive as you might think …i don’t know who faulted you so wrongly as to make you think so, but if i were you i would stop accepting their phone calls. no one gives a damn about what you have to say. fuck you, john mayer, fuck you.


a black woman.


One Response to “dear john mayer,”

  1. Natalie February 12, 2010 at 5:13 pm #

    John Mayer is a dumb asshole. Just because you reach superstar status, doesn’t give you merit to be a racist prick. Ignorant son of bitch, you don’t see Famous black folks dropping racist comments about white people. That’s cause they have better sense.

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