9 Feb

so i am at the ecohouse doing my homework, not necessarily wanting to. it’s math and i’m bad at it. i can’t remember a single formula. the cat named Dallas, who loves me so, climbed up on my lap and purred knowingly at me because it knows how wonderful i am. homework can and will not get done, not with the talking and the socializing and even when it goes quiet for a while, my mind gets busy. it takes a train, moving from destination to destination, from stop to stop, leaving my body back at the first. I don’t realize I am on this train, until I am off of it and Dallas is hitting me with her tail before I force her to get off of my lap. She stays near my legs because she isn’t ready to move. i check my grade in math, and apparently i have an ‘a’. that’s utter and absolute madness, but i don’t hate it.


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