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13 Feb

i’m just so very irritated by so many things -actually probably just a few. i know exactly what is wrong with me, but i can’t really share that. ugh. natalie should call me and make me feel better.


dear john mayer,

12 Feb

your common asshole....

you’re a ignorant moron and an arrogant asshole, and you’re def NOT as attractive as you might think …i don’t know who faulted you so wrongly as to make you think so, but if i were you i would stop accepting their phone calls. no one gives a damn about what you have to say. fuck you, john mayer, fuck you.


a black woman.


9 Feb

so i am at the ecohouse doing my homework, not necessarily wanting to. it’s math and i’m bad at it. i can’t remember a single formula. the cat named Dallas, who loves me so, climbed up on my lap and purred knowingly at me because it knows how wonderful i am. homework can and will not get done, not with the talking and the socializing and even when it goes quiet for a while, my mind gets busy. it takes a train, moving from destination to destination, from stop to stop, leaving my body back at the first. I don’t realize I am on this train, until I am off of it and Dallas is hitting me with her tail before I force her to get off of my lap. She stays near my legs because she isn’t ready to move. i check my grade in math, and apparently i have an ‘a’. that’s utter and absolute madness, but i don’t hate it.


6 Feb

carri frye is here, la la la. pretty awesome. she is sitting and eating a sandwich baggy of cereal as if it’s a bag of potato chips. she’s silly and crazy, absolutely. i on the other hand am not silly or crazy. she just ate a piece of cereal off of the bed, absolute madness. i’m happy right now, and it’s sunny. 🙂


3 Feb

today was a sunny brilliant day for me, that is until the headache happened.