31 Jan

i’ve been feeling extremely down lately and i’m not really totally sure why. every time i feel like my energy starts to pick back up and i’m feeling happy again, something else happens or my mind goes into a frenzy and i’m down again. i hate this, i hate feeling this way.

this was a very awkward, strange and quiet weekend and i didn’t really do much. not as crazy and ridiculous as i would hope, of course. i just really wish that something would change in my life. i wish it were warmer, so that i could go for a walk. i need something big to happen that is neither upsetting or argumentative. i’m just in a very bad mindset right now, it’s pretty difficult. i keep telling myself, it’s okay…it’s okay, so that i don’t really upset. because of course when i am really upset, i get all crazy and no one wants that. i just wish that i were somewhere else. somewhere warm and basic, where i could climb on tall things so that i could be closer to the sun.


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