estoy triste y cansada.

29 Jan

well i did horribly on my spanish test. i feel it deep down, way on the inside. it might simply come down to me not studying enough. instead of studying as much as i could, i went out for a drink and then went to a sleepover. i tried my damn-dest to study at the sleep over though, and i thought i was doing a good job but apparently not. i suck. boo hoo.:(

i’m soooo tired. i’ve gotten very little sleep over the past few days and i am looking forward to a nap this afternoon, even though naps always just make me want to stay asleep and then i feel hella lame.

rather, i feel hella lame right now because i keep dazing off. and because i’m working in founders right now, people will suddenly appear in my peripheral and they’re like, “can i borrow the stapler?” -and it startles me.

good news though, i get to see the first batch of things that i made in ceramics today. i hope that they’re beautiful. so excited. like  hella so.


One Response to “estoy triste y cansada.”

  1. Natalie February 8, 2010 at 4:29 pm #

    I’m excited for you too dear. I’m sorry about your test.

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