27 Jan

yesterday was my writer’s forum. i expect that it went well. it seemed like my writing was well received, but you never know with these things. of course, wonderful supporting friends insisted that, yes, yes…i did great. but how do you really know. i suppose i’ll believe them though because i have no other choice and because i do believe that i am a wonderful writer…despite what the minds of a certain small-school-publication may think. i think my words are stunning, even better I would venture to say that they tend to be rather immaculate.

this is confidence, not conceitedness…because it comes from a place of pure growth. i didn’t always think that i was a great writer and now i do. i never want to let this feeling go. it is amazing and i can’t wait to have the time to invest myself into my characters again. god, i love writing. i feel the same way about is as people do about food, football or church.  it’s religious, this commitment. competitive and perscribes a certain hunger.

i am the babble champion.

i was hella sleepy at first, but then i went to the gym with my little2 and courtney. oh yeah, i worked it out…not for long though. but whatevs. i’m just really getting into it, i don’t go in expecting to come out looking like michelle obama. -i just want to to tone “this” , maybe trim it a little here or there, and knick off a few things, but aside from that i am super duper fly.

-actually i just gave a big yawn and i am still tired, but alas i must do my spanish and math, and i must read or pretend to because it is necessary for the succession of my knox career. damn, i’m dramatic.


2 Responses to “forum.dormir.gimnasio.”

  1. angryeffinbeaver January 27, 2010 at 1:31 am #

    Is this small publication Catch? They reject everything that is good. I know lots of people that are amazing writers who were rejected and they are still amazing writers regardless of what Catch thinks.


  2. Natalie February 6, 2010 at 3:08 am #

    You are an amazing writer and I never knew that you had secret aspirations to look like michelle obama.

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