wtf, pep.

13 Jan

i love salt n’ pepper more than most people, because they are the shit, and they will probably always be one of my favorite groups of all times. with that said, what the fuck is wrong with pep’s face? she looks like kermit or like her face is collapsing on itself. or maybe like her face was clay and someone just careless poked holes in it…or like she didn’t give a damn about herself and let some fool ass doctor go crazy on her face, making her look like jermaine jackson.

when the commerical for “let’s talk about pep” came on the television, i waited patiently for them to show her when i realized they were showing her. it was both horrifying and real. it shocked me to the core that this woman would scissor up her face, so that she could look like hallow man. psh. i think i’m gonna pray for her and her nose. amen.


One Response to “wtf, pep.”

  1. natalie January 26, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    I don’t think that she look that bad, granted, she looks like another version of her formal self but sometimes, that’s how it is.

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