the truth is…

13 Jan

i think that i  have a.d.d. and though i think that i may have a.d.d., i don’t think that i could commit to taking behavior altering mediation.

there is something rather charming about me be all over the place… though it isn’t very productive, it is kind of amazing. it’s also really sad how little i get done. in fact, i was gonna look up natural remedies for helping me to focus AND i am also supposed to be doing my homework, instead i’m doing this. in fact this post wasn’t even supposed to be about a.d.d., it was supposed to be about this hella short poem that i wrote the other day. i need to get it together, sincerly. like hella so.

anyway, here’s the stupid little poem:

we were like the heat beneath water,

but only when the burner was turned low.

we weren’t quick to boil over;

we were persistent, ambitious… slow.


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