pudding cup. fruit cup.

13 Jan

so i’m at very end of my sickness. the very end…. i can see healthier times ahead. all seems good.

i realized how much stuff i need to be doing as opposed to what i’ve been doing and i’m a little scared. almost too scared to actually gauge what i need to and make a list of it. cause a list would put my work in my face. and i don’t know if i can deal with that in my life right now. my face has had enough problems this past week. it needs no more drama. -so right now, i’m going to pretend to be oblivious and listen to songs like “808 remix” by blaque or others songs from my youth while also chowing on this bag of rice, which apparently (according to carri) is a strange thing to sit and eat, but whatevers because i like it. actually she might have said that the pineapple and THEN rice was strange. which, you know, might be but i am especially odd at times and this is not my fault. but yet again the fault of all those things listed in the last post. -oh, except yay to slacking of headaches. i’ve only had like 20 sharp pains today!! which is great in comparison to the three hundred that had me shake and cry sunday night. so yay life. -and just as i write this…another pain…betrayal.

the reason for the title, because i though that was all i was gonna have for dinner because i couldn’t find my i.d. discovery of my i/d got me pineapple, cider, rice and a muffin… the good life 🙂


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