as mentioned in previous post… the old poems.

20 Dec

I won’t save you

I see you falling;

your hands are so close within my reach.

And thought i hear you calling,

My mind scrambles your speech.

I could save you but I won’t .

I still have opportunities and chance.

In my mind I try to find reason,

but i don’t. So i walk away

without another glance.

Behind me your voice echoes by the dozens,

and i race away to escape remorse.

I expect my feet to turn to help but they don’t;

Guess i won’t see you again in this life’s course.

Astounds me

Writing a song from my heart to yours,

you’re medicated to heal my emotional soars.

You’re my evolution; change for the better.

You give off the warmth of a cold winter’s sweater.

Tearful joy bounds me,

so plump and full it drowns me.

How much I love you astounds me.

I’m just so glad you that you found me.

Mysterious thoughts

Why is it that nobody believes me?

Why is it that no one can see?

That I often cry invisible tears,

Cause that’s the way i camouflage my fears.

I often a-time wonder the night,

going over thoughts of horrors and frights.

Many a-time I sit and hold my breath,

Wondering if it’ll bring me closer to peace or closer to death.

I often steer clear of the moon ‘cause it’s bright.

I stand in the shadows ‘cause I fear the light.


Down underneath, nervousness breeds.

Sweat slicks my hair,

Compelling nausea takes its lead,

of scare.

My blues often teach me to want to resign.

My fear causes resent,

I wander to the stage and go up in a climb.

The innocent.

And shock renders me still on a frozen design.

And do not measure my degree of shy.

Bubbling feelings bring me pain.

I cry.

For fear and tense, corrode me like rust

and my nervousness indeed,

It’s same feeling, no matter dawn nor dusk.

So i flee.


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