Sneeze, graduation and the booh boohs

19 Dec

So I’ve been sneezing nonstop. This is terrible mainly because each time I sneeze, I nearly throw up. This sounds disgusting because it absolutely is. I think that there is something very off with my body, perhaps I am decaying in my old age. I sneeze, I almost throw up; I scratch below my chest and my elbow twitches; I rub my nose and my eyes water; I move hip and my knee creaks. Stupid body.

Today is my sister, Nene’s graduation. I am so super happy for her. I wrote her an extra sweet card that will probably make her cry due to its heightened level of super duper sweetness. I love her 😀 kudos. Also, congrats and celebrations should be sent her way because her birthday is soon (Monday) and wedding bells will soon be ringing for her because she’s getting married! –I even used an exclamation mark, and I hate exclamation marks. Mhmm. Yay, Nene, this will be her year.

I thought that Alfred was coming with Josiah (to the graduation), which explains the business of the booh boohs. My nephew is always saying it, I’m not totally sure what it’s supposed to mean, but it’s always so funny. Perhaps he got the saying from his wicked mother, the horrid Tammy. Yuck. Some people…you just don’t like. Some people you grow up not liking, which is the case with Tammy. I used to feel awful about talking badly about her because she is my nephew’s mother and my brother’s ex-whatever, but I came to the rationalization I’ve known her for years, since I was hella young, ALSO that I reserve the right to hate whoever I want, as much as I please. She just so happen to be one of those people. So yeah.


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