GoodCat Awards!

15 Dec
Cat takes the Cheese

Good Cats are the Best Cats!

The GoodCat awards will serve as an antithesis to the Dumb Dog awards recognizing worthy individuals in pop culture who have contributed quality work over the years or tickle my fancy. If you can’t recognize this by the difference in writing styles, I am WriteSight, writing on Starbravado‘s behalf.

These are my nominees and please feel free to contribute equally:
Clint Eastwood
Whoopi Goldberg
Djimon Hounsou
Don Cheadle
Diane Keaton
Bette Midler
Jada Pinkett
Paul Wall
Erykah Badu
Tamera Mowry
Jay Z
Julie Roberts


One Response to “GoodCat Awards!”

  1. Natalie December 17, 2009 at 2:01 am #

    These are excellent choices and I can tell you exactly why.
    Clint Eastwood- he’s a fucking awesome director and actor. What guy do you know can pull off a poncho and then stick around another twenty years to direct a movie about Nelson Mandela.
    Whoopi Goldberg- Jumping Jack Flash saved my life. She’s zany and witty and beautiful.
    Djimon Hounsou-He’s fine. He also plays the hero guy in movies
    Don Cheadle- He’s a fantastic actor. He was in “Devil in the Blue Dress” for god sakes.
    Diane Keaton- Love her! Most of her movies are gold and she gets more graceful and glowing with age.
    Bette Midler- She can sing and act. I’d love this lady no matter what
    Jada Pinkett- She’s gorgeous. Her husband is gorgeous. She used to hang with Tupac. She is a badass and she was in “Low Down Dirty Shame”
    Paul Wall-I have a seeded love for him and his love of Black women
    Erykah Badu- I just love neo-soul and this chick is as soulful as it gets
    Tamera Mowry- She’s a twin. She didn’t stardom get the best of her and she’s gorgeous
    Jay Z- Can rap his ass off and still wear a business suit if he wants. So fine. I’d hit
    Julie Roberts -She is America’s sweetheart.
    Some not on the list but should be:
    Will Smith- One word “Hitch”
    Goldie Hawn- She is so funny and fantastic. She did it for decades and she did it well.
    Andre 3000-His voice is so amazing. His face isn’t that bad either….

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