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25 Dec

i didn’t know how to rescue my thousands of sounds from my ipod after the disaster of my destroyed external hard drive and this site helped me hella so.

here it is:

oh, be-tee-dubs, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Dumb Dog Award…

24 Dec

SO, mostly on behalf of my dear and lovely twin came up with several nominations for the dumb dog award. And I have to say that they are all very good option, I figured that I should at least state my claim on one of the few listed below, just in time for the Christmas. Here are nominees for the dumb dog award.

  • Zachary Quinto (because he overacts),
  • Beyonce (She thinks she’s a white woman and she can’t sing)
  • Megan Fox (she acts like a dumb hoe that’s unaware of herself)
  • Shia LeBouf (hasn’t done a good acting job since Holes),
  • Lady Gaga (for being a gimmick whore),
  • Zooey Deschanel (for singing better than she can act),
  • Scarlett Johannsen (for not being able to act at all),
  • Kate Hudson (because all of her movies are the same),
  • Tyrese (for no longer singing songs like ‘Sweet Lady”),
  • Alfred (for owing me a hundred dollars and acting like he doesn’t).
  • Common (for not rapping as good as he looks),
  • Nas (for not making music that I want to groove to),
  • Cuba Good Jr. (for being a lousy actor),
  • Taj Mowry (for making music that nobody wants to listen to, some sort of mix between rock and rap),
  • Olsen Twins (for not producing an excellent film since “It Take Two”)
  • Kristen Bell (for not being able to act, cry or laugh).
  • Britney Spears. This dumb chick is 28 and still sings like she’s 16.
  • Paris Hilton (she’s too skinny, her eyes aren’t blue not matter what her contacts says, her hair is fucked up most times even though she’s rich (her weave piece doesn’t always look better than a wig) and she made a sex tape that was no good)

So the first OFFICIAL dumb dog is….(drum roll)…. Megan Fox! For being a dumb hoe.

In addition to simply not being able to act, this woman has earned the prestigious dumb dog award simply because of her pornographic personality and the dubious amounts of movies and real life words and behaviors that I have to suffer anytime I pay attention to media or television. Most of her quotes read like the ramblings of a person post acid trip (for examples:–worst-bon-mots) and she lays landmines with every stupid statement. This is evident when Megan Fox made statements about only sleeping with lesbian women because bisexual women were dirty because they’ve slept with men. My big plight with this is… she’s bisexual, the dumb bitch. Firstly, of course it is wrong of her to say shit like, men are dirty, but to go as far as to say that they are dirty YET she “spreads” the filth by sleeping with both men and women, it sincerely makes me think that this dumb dog is dense…. extremely dense. –For people who are even angrier about  the bi thing than I am, go to this link: (

Also, people have taken the time to compare Megan Fox to Angelina Jolie…and to that I’d like to call bullshit. Megan Fox is nooooowhere near as talented as Angelina Jolie. I would imagine that if Megan Fox would have(by means of magic) had any of the roles that Jolie had in the past, the movies would have taken a definite dive below par. Personally, not only is Megan Fox not as good as Jolie, I’m thinking that less a miracle, she never will be.

Megan Fox is a pretty girl, I can admit as much. In fact, according to the Hollywood cognoscenti she can even be classified as “hot”, but she absolutely in multiple ways seems like she was born to strip. The look that is always on her face seems to be a lingering “is this how you want me?” look. It’s actually rather disturbing.

I figure that she must in real life behave as she did in the movie, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People… just like an airbag.

She reminds me of her doppelganger, the very untalented and dumb dog veteran Lindsay Lohan. Recently, Megan Fox has disagreed with claims that they look alike, but whatever. I don’t really care who she thinks that she looks like. They have just about the same about of ability as actresses, except that Lindsay has been in more movies and Megan isn’t as strung out.

To bring the first Dumb Dog Award to a close, I would like to go ahead and thank all the nominees and Natalie mostly for contribution. I am famously grateful. There will be more distribution of the Dumb Dog Award and look forward to the GoodCat Award.

Your presents…dear family.

23 Dec

So, I bought presents for everyone in my family…including the undeserving. Though now, now I don’t want to give some of them anything, mostly because I’m not getting anything in return or because they t’d me off. Someone (a couple of people, including Natalie and Sharhonda) told me since I’ve bought the presents then I should go ahead and share them instead of being selfish and keeping them like I want to. Most of these people…my family…won’t be getting me anything, and I’m sick of my buying things being a one way street. It simply just steams my kettle, hella so. So decisions, decisions…to be selfish or not to be..


as mentioned in previous post… the old poems.

20 Dec

I won’t save you

I see you falling;

your hands are so close within my reach.

And thought i hear you calling,

My mind scrambles your speech.

I could save you but I won’t .

I still have opportunities and chance.

In my mind I try to find reason,

but i don’t. So i walk away

without another glance.

Behind me your voice echoes by the dozens,

and i race away to escape remorse.

I expect my feet to turn to help but they don’t;

Guess i won’t see you again in this life’s course.

Astounds me

Writing a song from my heart to yours,

you’re medicated to heal my emotional soars.

You’re my evolution; change for the better.

You give off the warmth of a cold winter’s sweater.

Tearful joy bounds me,

so plump and full it drowns me.

How much I love you astounds me.

I’m just so glad you that you found me.

Mysterious thoughts

Why is it that nobody believes me?

Why is it that no one can see?

That I often cry invisible tears,

Cause that’s the way i camouflage my fears.

I often a-time wonder the night,

going over thoughts of horrors and frights.

Many a-time I sit and hold my breath,

Wondering if it’ll bring me closer to peace or closer to death.

I often steer clear of the moon ‘cause it’s bright.

I stand in the shadows ‘cause I fear the light.


Down underneath, nervousness breeds.

Sweat slicks my hair,

Compelling nausea takes its lead,

of scare.

My blues often teach me to want to resign.

My fear causes resent,

I wander to the stage and go up in a climb.

The innocent.

And shock renders me still on a frozen design.

And do not measure my degree of shy.

Bubbling feelings bring me pain.

I cry.

For fear and tense, corrode me like rust

and my nervousness indeed,

It’s same feeling, no matter dawn nor dusk.

So i flee.

the old adventures of new nicole…well, not new.

20 Dec

So, i was wondering if my old website was still in effect, so i looked around and found it. I suppose it’s true, something digital never dies. It’s an ugly little website. I made it when I was probably a sophomore in highschool, so I need to be nicer too myself. It has some of my old poems on it, which aren’t the best, but I love them because they are old and created by me. -I also have other poems jammed in a book of writing and photos that I put together when I was just as young. Anyway, here is the site:

I was pretty sure that I wrote this blog before but apparently I didn’t. Or maybe I did who knows. Obviously, I’d rather write it again then look for it. -I’m gonna post some of that old poetry on here from the site.

i hate kirsten dunst’s teeth.

20 Dec

this is the extent of my blog post. i could say more at this point in time, but there’s no definite reason to. i hate her teeth. if you’re reading this, you probably hate her teeth too. if you don’t, then apparently you’re more understanding than I am and I’m oh so sorry for saying such things. -I’m not saying she isn’t a pretty girl, she’s okay but she’s nothing to bark about. by no means. Blah

Sneeze, graduation and the booh boohs

19 Dec

So I’ve been sneezing nonstop. This is terrible mainly because each time I sneeze, I nearly throw up. This sounds disgusting because it absolutely is. I think that there is something very off with my body, perhaps I am decaying in my old age. I sneeze, I almost throw up; I scratch below my chest and my elbow twitches; I rub my nose and my eyes water; I move hip and my knee creaks. Stupid body.

Today is my sister, Nene’s graduation. I am so super happy for her. I wrote her an extra sweet card that will probably make her cry due to its heightened level of super duper sweetness. I love her 😀 kudos. Also, congrats and celebrations should be sent her way because her birthday is soon (Monday) and wedding bells will soon be ringing for her because she’s getting married! –I even used an exclamation mark, and I hate exclamation marks. Mhmm. Yay, Nene, this will be her year.

I thought that Alfred was coming with Josiah (to the graduation), which explains the business of the booh boohs. My nephew is always saying it, I’m not totally sure what it’s supposed to mean, but it’s always so funny. Perhaps he got the saying from his wicked mother, the horrid Tammy. Yuck. Some people…you just don’t like. Some people you grow up not liking, which is the case with Tammy. I used to feel awful about talking badly about her because she is my nephew’s mother and my brother’s ex-whatever, but I came to the rationalization I’ve known her for years, since I was hella young, ALSO that I reserve the right to hate whoever I want, as much as I please. She just so happen to be one of those people. So yeah.