the dumb dog award.

26 Nov

are you a dumb dog, do you know a dumb dog? state your claim.

so, i hate a lot of people (though probably not as many people as i love or like, but i digress) and in lieu of this hate i have decided that it’s important that i write do something that i’d like to call the dumb dog awards. This Dumb Dog Award is to (dis)honor someone, most likely a person of celebrity status, that i don’t particularly like. Also, i will take suggestions from others as to who they hate and i will share that hate, going on a bitching fit. total and absolute. mhmm.


4 Responses to “the dumb dog award.”

  1. Natalie November 29, 2009 at 9:26 pm #

    As you know I am a rather opinionated person and therefore there are lot of people that I hate or, more appropriately dislike. Dumb dog awards should be given to, but not limited to, the following people: Zachary Quinto (because he overacts), Beyonce (She thinks she’s a white woman and she can’t sing), Megan Fox (she acts like a dumb hoe that’s unaware of herself), Shia LeBouf (hasn’t done a good acting job since Holes), Lady Gaga (for being a gimmick whore), Zoe Dreschal (for singing better than she can act), Scarlett Johannsen (for not being able to act at all), Kate Hudson (because all of her movies are the same), Tyrese (for no longer singing songs like ‘Sweet Lady”), Alfred (for owing me a hundred dollars and acting like he doesn’t)………….

  2. Natalie December 15, 2009 at 9:07 pm #

    I have some additional names to add to the Dumb Dog nominations and those are Common (for not rapping as good as he looks), Nas (for not making music that I want to groove to), Cuba Good Jr. (for being a lousy actor), Taj Mowry (for making music that nobody wants to listen to, some sort of mix between rock and rap), Olsen Twins (for not producing an excellent film since “It Take Two”) and Kristen Bell (for not being able to act, cry or laugh)…………….

  3. WriteSight December 15, 2009 at 10:37 pm #

    One hell of a dumb dog is Paris Hilton (she’s too skinny, her eyes aren’t blue not matter what her contacts says, her hair is fucked up most times even though she’s rich (her weave piece doesn’t always look better than a wig) and she made a sex tape that was no good) What a dumb dog!

    • Natalie December 24, 2009 at 2:37 pm #

      That may be true but one dog that is even dumber than her is Britney Spears. This dumb chick is 28 and still sings like she’s 16. I wish her voice could mature like her back in that “3” video. And when I say that, I mean to say that she has a back like a 40 year old. What a young/old dumb dog.

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