some little chick in my house.

16 Nov

so i am on the phone with natalie, and some little heifer waltzes her ass into the living room, a public space, mind you, and lays her silly ass in the corner. Then as I am reading to natalie from my story, the dumb dog says, “could you quiet down, i am trying to sleep.”
firstly, i was in the fucking room first.
secondly, it is a common space.
thirdly, the dumb dog has a room upstairs, so frankly i’m not understanding why you’d lie in the corner or on a couch, when you have a bed just paces away. i think that people are so stupid. i should have thrown a lamp at her.


One Response to “some little chick in my house.”

  1. Natalie November 16, 2009 at 8:28 pm #

    Next time you tell that hoe to kay her stank ass to her own room. You can’t dictate a common space. What the fuck is wrong with her.

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