9 Nov

i am enclosed in a small gap, smothered by a large sum of homework that is nearly choking me. the appropriate term, homework sandwich. i am the hefty piece of meat in a lousy homework sandwich. I am not a fan. I have so much legit writing to be doing, i have no right to be on this blog. i shouldn’t even be thinking about this blog, but alas i am. —i just finished an epic battle with a lousy as japanese beetle. it flew around my room, making that damn clicking noise and i had to kill it.

those damn beetles can float where they may but when those bitches come into my room it’s d-day. curtains close on their little flying asses.

on a better note, today was a really good day, though busy. i woke up hella early for initiation, which went well. 🙂 yay to the new initiates. then I took a nap on my floor with my little, which was awesome, waking to go to pi phi, then dinner, then the gym with my little, then my room and then a study session with my little and courtney. it was a fairly lovely, very back to back day. It was pretty great might I say. It has come down to me being exhausted right now though. I’m lying in bed typing, knowing, just knowing that I should be typing any or everything else, yet here i am.


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