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the dumb dog award.

26 Nov

are you a dumb dog, do you know a dumb dog? state your claim.

so, i hate a lot of people (though probably not as many people as i love or like, but i digress) and in lieu of this hate i have decided that it’s important that i write do something that i’d like to call the dumb dog awards. This Dumb Dog Award is to (dis)honor someone, most likely a person of celebrity status, that i don’t particularly like. Also, i will take suggestions from others as to who they hate and i will share that hate, going on a bitching fit. total and absolute. mhmm.


no rsvp for the party in the…

26 Nov


i hate miley cyrus. she makes me sick because of a few very specific reasons, and perhaps i am too old to even have an opinion about the girl, but i find her country-ass speaking voice annoying. it’s loud and she opens her mouth wide as if she is chewing on something tough.
and it isn’t that i have little respect for artists who don’t write their own music, but really… i don’t think that i respect as much them. this particularly goes for miley cyrus because she recently said that she didn’t listen to jay z or pop music. which is fine, if she hadn’t mentioned them in her song, which just makes me think that she’s an idiot. why name drop persons that you don’t listen to? these feeling are particularly strong, especially for it to be a holiday. anyway, i digress.


26 Nov

i am thankful for my family that shouts over one another when telling jokes. i am thankful for the dolphin who makes me happy and who is absolutely insane. i am thankful for all of my friends who are around/not around, mostly not around, because they are stunning individuals. i am thankful for life, because purely and simply even in my faults, I enjoy it. i am thankful for technology for keeping me in contact with those that I love, keeping me connected. i am thankful for tilted mirrors for being forgiving. also, i am thankful for music for it’s constant entertainment, also movies. I am thankful for optimism and wild sense of wonder. i am thankful for love, because well…obviously…it’s all just very amazing whilst being difficult. blah blah, turkey day. 😀 😀 😀

@ “home”

25 Nov

We left Indiana this morning, and drove our asses to boring Chicago. I want to leave already. I’m already annoyed. Natalie is singing a terrible song, my niece accidentally picked apart my food, my father is being weird, this house is small and close. Every time i come here, i reaffirm the fact that i never want to come back. If i weren’t an adult, I would consider my contemplation, running away. -i’m sleepy, for no reason because I haven’t done anything to warrant the tiredness. Maybe i’m just tired of this, this place. I shouldn’t complain because I’ve already committed to never staying here for an extended period of time again, which just goes to make me angrier because my parents are getting older, and not that they are ready for death, but I don’t take their mortality very lightly, and my own for that matter. I get angry at myself for hating my father so much because he isn’t a bad man, he is just an asshole. And I get mad at myself for not spending nearly enough time with my mother, who at times acts a little bats**t but is utterly amazing. Blah my life in general. I’m such an emo bear. Pep up, Nicole.

websites i love: an ode to.

23 Nov

So I spend quite a large amount of time online, and while online I’ve come across some hella amazing sites that I’ve loved, and here they are:
-a seriously badass site to blog in general. -a seriously amazing place to create your own website. -look to my site for example. -write!!! write!! write!! it’s what i’m all about. write a novel in a month. -beautiful community for writers.
-another great writing community. -a website that I grew up loving. helped me with being a girl in this wicked little world.

-more to come when i remember more. 😀


22 Nov

she made brownie sundaes. holy shit good.

i’m full.

22 Nov

natalie is constantly preparing good after good food. first the hot wings, the rice crispy sundae, the catfish and french fries and now she’s offering brownies. it’s all madness. good madness. not very good for my health, but good for my tummy.