jacket. lyric essay.

21 Sep

3181_65916542945_504982945_1760401_4869861_nsooooo, apparently ms.anna milkshake had my jacket and my i.d., but this has turned out extremely well for a few reasons. -firstly, WE SWITCHED JACKETS! Now her jacket and all it’s loveliness is mine, and my jacket and all it’s grandness is hers. We both agreed that we were completely smitten with the other’s jacket. It would have been utterly irrational to give them back. Also, i have my i.d. back, which means meals without begging/bothering/harrasing, so yay. Life today was grand for the most part. A grand turn around to the bitter sadness of the departure of my fair dolphin on sunday.

The only real trouble with today is that I have a lot of work due tomorrow and i haven’t done it, and not too motivated to do it. honestly, i just want to do some personal writing, watch television, drink water and sleep. something along those lines. I have to write a lyric essay, which as of now is a tad on the difficult, mainly because I’m still not totally sure what I’m doing with myself and the writing of this essay.

—also, i watched the color purple yesterday. i almost cried and that movie is beautiful. alice walker is one of the main reasons why i love nature the way that i do, she is also one of the reasons why i love whoopi goldberg oh so much.


One Response to “jacket. lyric essay.”

  1. Natalie September 26, 2009 at 5:34 pm #

    I second you on the Color purple. Jacket swap news is totally awesome. Dolphins never really leave the heart, where it matters the most. Homework, get ur done. You are a fabulous chick.

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