I HATE Kanye West.

13 Sep

W.T.F. Kanye West. I can’t believe he disrespected Taylor Swift like that. I mean, what the hell? Beyonce did not have a better music video. I like her fair enough, but the shit involved her shaking her thighs inside of some studio. Business as usual, not very creative. It couldn’t have been very expensive or time consuming to make it. Granted, yeah she must have spent a while learning the dance moves, but dance moves does not a great music video make. –and Kanye, what can I say? Thanks for looking like an ignorant bastard on stage. You make yourself seem more ridiculous every time you speak, think or do just about anything. I’m not even particularly impressed by her but I do think that she’s talented and charming, and she doesn’t have to use any gimmicks to it.


One Response to “I HATE Kanye West.”

  1. Natalie September 14, 2009 at 1:27 am #

    I totally agree. Kanye is a total C word for disrespecting her like that. What right does he have? He’s a mediocre hack with a stripper for a girl friend. I think that it’s safe to say that his judgment is slightly lacking. Kanye should also remember next time not to give his nephew the trimmers to cut his hair.

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