3 Sep

so, i’ve wasted my whole entire day constructing myself a new website to present my writing. -that was sort of the idea with this blog, however, i figured the site could be the place for the finished product (sort of) and this blog would be a good place to talk about my process, also general annoyances, which is what i tend to do anyway. –so am excited because the site is super-cute and completely thrown together by me…no pre-existing templates. so please don’t mind if i sort of thing that i am the shit right now.

-enthusiasm has faded, just like that. i spent the entire day with a headache in front of my computer, listening to my nephew crying, and completely forgot about eating. and when i remember to eat, i figured that i’d make myself french fries and would bake them, but they turned out horribly, so i was forced to throw the damn things away. sigh. also i burned my pointer finger…how am  i supposed to point?!?!?!?!


the short link:


One Response to “starbravado/starbravado”

  1. Natalie September 9, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

    You are so hilarious.

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