attempting to fight the ‘z’s

3 Sep

i’m fighting sleep as if it were cancer because i am one of those people, i am one of those peope that feel like shit or feel silly for going to sleep anytime before midnight or one, but i’m soooo tired. i couldn’t possibly let myself go to sleep, though… there are at least twenty things that  i could be doing instead of sleeping my life away. i could be reading, writing, drawing, making a poster for my new dorm room, further my website, watching bootleg movies…countless, countless things.


it’s sad, i’m gonna miss summer nights. i love them but i didn’t take advantage of any of them, i didn’t rest beneath the sky and let it act as my blanket or let the grass to play as my matress. the moon as my nightlight. ugh, i suck. but i’ll be going to school though, plenty of oppuntunity for sky love will take place, and it’ll still be warm enough to enjoy it like i want to. -i hope this school year goes well, no… great. even better, by some stroke of something wonderful, i hope it’s better than all the rest. i hope it’s better than winter term first year (best term that i had first year), spring and winter sophomore year and first term my junior year. i hope it’s the glorified, bonified impossible mixture of everything grand and good. i’ll keep my fingers crossed, begging for a good year and begging to stay awake that much longer. amen. amen.


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